We have the experience and the technical knowledge to handle your timber damage problems.

Timber damage appraisals are necessary for an extremely varied number of reasons.  Determination of compensation for utility rights-of-way is probably the most common reason of the need of a damage appraisal.  Other reasons would be for seismograph operations, timber theft, boundary line disputes, fire or wind damage, etc.

We have been performing damage appraisals for a combined total of over 50 years.  Our method is to actually measure all of the merchantable trees affected by the situation.  We don't rely on a sample in these situations because we need to be sure we get the exact volume of damage that the landowner has incurred.  We then apply prices that we actually received for timber in the immediate area of the appraisal.  Many times damage appraisals end up as evidence in a court of law.  We also handle expert witness testimony for our clients.  This is where measuring every merchantable tree counts the most.  If we measure 100% of the merchantable trees and the other side of the dispute only measures 20%, who do you think will be the most believable in court?